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Parents with Prospects™ is a blended learning resource which is bright, colorful, informative and most importantly meets all of the GRADS standards.

Packed full of assignments, information and scenarios, this packet has been beautifully laid out to give you a clear understanding of what you must do to complete the GRADS curriculum. This, combined with online elements, brings the course to life in an interactive and dynamic way. This is the only course you will need to complete the 2 year program.

Split into 5 units, consisting of:

Unit 1 Relationships

  • The development of personal relationships
  • Establishing and maintaining positive relationships
  • Communication skills

Unit 2 College and Career Ready

  • Time management related to education, work goals and family goals
  • Resume creation and job search skills
  • Develop work place communication skills
  • Career development

Unit 3 Economic Independence

  • Financial goal setting
  • Resources need to meet financial goals
  • Impact of advertising on the consumer
  • Financial well being

Unit 4 Healthy Prenatal and Neonatal Care

  • Pregnancy and fetal development
  • Health, diet and nutrition
  • Labor
  • Caring for a newborn

Unit 5 Nurturing Healthy Children and Establishing Healthy Families

  • Roles of parenting in child development
  • Developmental milestones
  • Parenting skills
  • Nutrition and fitness

To start the Parents with Prospects™ GRADS program, simply get your teacher to register you to enjoy the complete solution and get your hands on the student pack.

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If you have any questions or require some more information regarding Parents with Prospects™ please feel free to contact us.