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What is GRADS?

Ohio Graduation, Reality And Dual-role Skills

(GRADS) Program

Work and Family Studies instructional and intervention program for pregnant and parenting students


In the late 1970s, education leadership placed an added focus on high school dropouts.

It was determined that pregnant and parenting teens made up a large percentage of this at-risk student population. Title IX (education amendments of 1972) prohibited schools from expelling teens that were pregnant and/or had children. Graduation, Reality And Dual-role Skills (GRADS) began in 1980 with three pilot programs in Ohio.

The primary objective was to keep pregnant and parenting students in school through completion of grade 12.

As the program grew and reported success in Ohio, other states adopted the model.


The objectives of the GRADS program are to help students:

  • Remain in school through graduation;
  • Have healthy pregnancies and healthy babies;
  • Learn practical parenting and child development skills;
  • Gain an orientation to work;
  • Set goals toward balancing work and family; and
  • Reduce subsequent pregnancies

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