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Contributions of time and expertise in research, subject matter specialisms, writing, facilitation and project management have been given by individuals, including both American and British teams, to develop the on- and off-line PWP GRADS curriculum programme to entirely align with all five units of the Family and Consumer Sciences GRADS Content Standards. The curriculum includes pre and post assessments online for each unit to allow tracking of student attainment and teacher accountability. There are also on and off-line math and literacy tests to advise the teachers of how much support will be required to teach the units. These Tests have been created using the ODE achievement test performance level descriptors and released test materials for Ohio’s achievement assessments. Glencoe Language Arts vocabulary power was also referenced along with the Ohio Literacy Alliance. For Maths, again ODE performance level descriptors and released test materials Grade 3-8 were used in the development of these competencies.

Special thanks and acknowledgement is due to the following American team:

Mary Jo Kohl, Consultant, Office of Career Technical Education, Ohio Department of Education

Judy Aubihl, GRADS Teacher, Buckeye Career Center

Sue Sattler, GRADS Teacher, Buckeye Career Center

Bet Brown, GRADS Teacher, Newark City Schools

Julie Hannan, GRADS Teacher, Miami Valley Career Technology Center

Christina Hickman, GRADS Teacher, Sixth District Educational Compact

Julie Mangas GRADS Teacher, Four-County Career Center

Michele Nafziger, GRADS Teacher, Four-County Career Center

Karen Dunn, GRADS Teacher, Mid-East Career and Technology Center

Lynda Hodemarsky, GRADS Teacher, Polaris Career Center

Joyce Zadd, GRADS Teacher, Mentor High School

Margaret Nielsen, GRADS Teacher, Euclid High School

Jane Knight, GRADS Teacher, Pioneer Career and Technology Center

Maria Augustin, GRADS Teacher, Tri-Rivers Career Center.

Special thanks and acknowledgement is due to the following British team:

Louise Pinnell, Chief Executive Officer, PWP GRADS

David Evans, Chief Operating Officer, PWP GRADS

Daniel Pinnell, Chief Visionary Officer, PWP GRADS

Lynn Adams, Instructional Designer, Prospect Digital

Gill Jinman, Midwife Advisor, Prospect Training Services

Paul Hopkins, Health Development Coordinator, Prospect Training Services

Sarah Powell, Performance Director, Prospect Training Services

Sheila King, Standards Coordinator, Prospect Training Services

Georgina Dowding, Parenting Teacher, Prospect Training Services

Sally Cope, Parenting Teacher, Prospect Training Services

Wayne Luff, eLearning Designer, Prospect Digital

Lizzie Wakefield, eLearning Designer, Prospect Digital

David Barlett, eLearning Developer, Prospect Digital

Anthony Birch, eLearning Developer, Prospect Digital.

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