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About Us

At Prospect Training Services and the Nationwide Community Learning Partnership, we believe in quality – all of our training materials, training delivery and customer care has a quality seal and has made us a provider of choice.

For over 20 years we have been developing and delivering parenting training curriculums that have been delivered by schools, colleges, YMCAs, family centers and health care professionals alike.

Our products are designed to save educators time and provide students with learning resources that will improve their knowledge and understanding and put them on the path to success.

Our newest product to hit the shelves is the Parents with Prospects™ program. This program has been specifically designed for the United States and is a one stop solution for the GRADS Standards.

Our online learning team creates bespoke courses with custom animations. We are also Apple® and Android® developers and have App sales in 26 different counties.

Parents with Prospects™ is a training program for Parents and Parents to be which is a mix of educator lead delivery, self-paced learning and integrated online training.

The program uses unique and inspiring session packets which engage and motivate students to learn and develop in all areas of parenting and life skills.

The information is based on the most respected parenting practice theories and these are illustrated and embedded in the learning assignments. The knowledge gained prepares students to be effective and competent moms and dads ready to face the challenges of bringing up children in 21st century America.

Quality is paramount, the resources, assessment and teacher information is designed to provide easy reading, smooth delivery and effective evaluation.

Mission Statement

The Company is a caring and effective training provider and curriculum developer, committed to creating a full range of training resources to the highest quality in order to meet the needs of its customers at local, district, county and state level. We aim to achieve and maintain a high standard of quality in all aspects of our operations and continually exceed the expectations of our customers in all of the services offered.

Click here to buy the Parents with Prospects™ GRADS curriculum for your School, Career Tech Center or educational establishment.

If you have any questions or require some more information regarding Parents with Prospects™ please feel free to contact us.