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Welcome to Parents with Prospects

Welcome to Parents with Prospects™

Parents with Prospects™ GRADS is a unique set of blended learning resources, which are fully mapped to all 5 of the Ohio Department of Education GRADS Standards.

Parents with Prospects™ student curriculum consists of 1000 page color session packets covering all aspects of the GRADS delivery. The workbook is supported by online learning materials and progress is tracked through our unique database to enable complete statistical analysis. This is called DREAMS - Digital Remote Elearning And Marking System.

Working in partnership with Ohio Department of Education GRADS teachers we have created a full learning curriculum.

Parents with Prospects™ GRADS - 5 GRADS standards 1 integrated solution

"This curriculum is cross walked with the GRADS standards, has an electronic, secure end of course assessment, with a credential attached. The graphics and rich content in the student packets really bring the program to life. An academic enhancement for any GRADS program."

Mary Jo Kohl